Windsurfing is one of the oldest recreational watersports in the world. A variation of sailing that uses a board instead of a hull, this sport is built for those seeking a challenge. It is usually better to get into windsurfing with some prior understanding of sailing, but anyone can pick it up with the right teacher. Give us a call, send us an email, or come down to the lake to set up a time to take a lesson with one of experienced instructors and join the worldwide community of windsurfers!

Whether you are new to sport or interested in upgrading your current equipment, Marsh Creek Water Sports has a variety of boards, sails, and equipment to fit your needs. Stop by our showroom to see our selection or stop by the boat rental in season to try some of the more popular brands yourself!

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Chinook PowerGlide Sails

The Chinook Sailing Power Glide Sail was designed by David Ezzy of Ezzy Sails using the same quality materials he uses in his high-end wave and slalom sails. PowerGlides are light, responsive, and durable. The PowerGlide range changes as area increases. The 3.0 and 3.5 are shaped around smaller sailors or kids. Starting at 4.0 and larger, the focus changes to powerful, early planing models. Click to learn more about the Chinook PowerGlide models we have available.

Available Sizes: 3.0 m², 3.5 m², 4.0 m², 4.7 m², 5.5 m², 6.5 m²

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North Sails

In 1957, North Sails founder Lowell North set out to make the best racing sails the world had ever seen. He succeeded, and went on to reshape sailing altogether. Today, whether it’s for an America’s Cup winner, a Round the World champion, Olympic superstar, or weekend day-sailor, every sail North Sails make is born from pure dedication to the sport they love.

The North Sails experts know each customer and boat is slightly different. That’s why they take over six decades of hard-won expertise and let it trickle into every sail they make.

Available Sizes: 3.3 m², 4.0 m², 6.4 m², 7.0 m²

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BiC Sport Sails

BiC Sport has historically been one of the leading manufacturers of windsurfing equipment in the world. They have a proven track record through history of making quality gear, and are globally known for their sails and boards. The TechnoRig model is designed with the everyday windsurfer in mind, with plenty of sail towards the bottom to easily power up and get planing. Check out the BiC TechnoRig sizes we have available.

Available Sizes: 2.5 m², 4.5 m², 6.0 m²