Windsurfing is one of the oldest recreational watersports in the world. A variation of sailing that uses a board instead of a hull, this sport is built for those seeking a challenge. It is usually better to get into windsurfing with some prior understanding of sailing, but anyone can pick it up with the right teacher. Give us a call, send us an email, or come down to the lake to set up a time to take a lesson with one of experienced instructors and join the worldwide community of windsurfers!

Whether you are new to sport or interested in upgrading your current equipment, Marsh Creek Water Sports has a variety of boards, sails, and equipment to fit your needs. Stop by our showroom to see our selection or stop by the boat rental in season to try some of the more popular brands yourself!

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Naish Boards

Naish is one of the most recognized names in the watersports industry. known largely for their world-renowned standup paddleboards, their windsurfing boards provide the same thrill as their SUPs on the water! They bring their expertise to the forefront by creating stable boards known for their maneuverability.

The larger style of boards that we offer at Marsh Creek are great to be used as trainer boards for adults looking to get into the sport, but they could also be used by experienced windsurfers that are looking for a nice easy cruise over the water!

Available Boards: Kailua 180L, Kailua 250L

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JP Australia Boards

JP Australia delivers the fun with their boards. The Funster board provides incredible stability built for lighter winds. The Funster is wider, shorter board which allows for superior mobility and handling, perfect for beginner windsurfers. The Explorer is designed as more of a racing style board, with a lower volume and longer length to capitalize on those long runs across the water. Whether just starting to get into the sport or an experienced pro, the boards from JP can provide exactly what you’re looking for!

Available Boards: Explorer 165L, Funster 205L

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BiC Sport Boards

BiC Sport has long been a pioneer within the windsurfing community. From their sails to their boards, their expertise in the area of windsurfing shines through in every detail. Given their proven track record within the global windsurfing community, you can’t go wrong with a BiC sport board.

With a clear focus on racing boards, many of the available BiC boards are longboards, with dimensions that make them thinner and longer than their freeride counterparts. This focus allows for faster, straighter runs in both heavy and light winds.

Available Boards: AstroRock 258cm, Vivace Sport 282cm, Core 133 250cm, AstroRock RaceTec 284cm

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Other Boards

None of these brands exactly what you are looking for? We have plenty more boards available from other brands. Many of these are our older boards, some designed for freeriding, some designed for racing, and some a mixture of the two. We have boards from Mistral, F2, Surf Designs, and more available here. Because many of these boards are on the older side, they are priced differently than the newer boards we have listed above. There may also be a board that is looking to be your next project within this section, as a few of the boards have begun to show their age and wear. If any of these interest you, schedule an appointment to the board in person.

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