Marsh Creek Watersports offers top of the line kayak brands in a variety of sizes, stylers and colors. Whether you are new to kayaking or an experienced paddler, Marsh Creek Watersports has a kayak to fit your needs. Customers are encouraged to try a variety of boats before they purchase to ensure they find the right boat for their paddling adventures!

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Wilderness is a tried and true outdoor brand that has earned every bit of their reputation as one of the highest quality kayak manufacturers on the market. Beginning in 1986, Wilderness has long sought to improve every aspect of the paddling experience for their customers. They have done just that through their constant testing of materials, performance, and comfort. No matter which Wilderness kayak you might select from their catalogue, you would be hard-pressed to find a match in every aspect of the experience they provide.

Old Town is known for their extensive experience within the world of canoeing and kayaking. Old Town was one of the first brands on the water, with their first canoe being manufactured in 1898. Since then, they have constantly been redesigning and tweaking the performance of their watercraft. This is all in an effort to deliver the best possible ride on the water and ensure the upmost comfort for all their customers. Ocean Kayak, a branch of Old Town, produces some of the finest quality sit-on-top kayaks on the market. An affordable brand focused on quality, you’re sure to love whatever kayak you choose from Old Town.

Old Town & Ocean Kayaks

LiquidLogic is the relatively new kid on the block of watersports manufacturing. Opening in 2000, they still boast over 20 years of experience testing and building high-quality kayaks to get you out on the water. Their RotoMolded plastic, while slightly heavier than some alternatives, provides unparalleled durability against anything you might encounter on the water. Made in North Carolina, these American-made kayaks will offer you some of the most fun you can have on the water!

Liquid Logic Kayaks

Hurricane is a kayak manufacturer built by paddlers, for paddlers. They’re company goal is centered around the idea of making the entire experience of kayaking as enjoyable as possible, all the way from your purchase through every day you spend on the water. They build their kayaks using a lightweight plastic material molded into two separate pieces that are glued and bonded together using marine-grade epoxy. This manufacturing process allows Hurricane Kayaks to be some of the lightest kayaks on the market while also maintaining the upmost comfort on the water.

Hurricane Kayaks